Useful Telephone Numbers and Internet Cafes

Useful Telephone Numbers
(Local Call - 0751)

Airport – Minangkabau International 819123
Harbour – Teluk Bayur 61646
Police 33416
Hospital 463059
Tourist Information 34186
Police 33724
Embassies and Consulates click here

Internet Café

Carlos Warnet

Location:next to the main gate of Carlos Beach
Operating hours:daily, 10am–3am
Price:Rp. 6,000/hours.

Fastnet Cyber

Location:Jl. S. Parman
Operating hours:24 hours
Remarks:It has 13 units computers.

Dal net

Location:Jl. Paus No. 5
Operating hours:24 hours
Price:Rp. 3,000/hour.

Bunda Internet Café

Location:Jl. Istana No. 1, Bukittinggi
Telephone:+62 752 627504

Yo Siko Warnet

Location:Komplek Kodam Blok A No. 4, Siteba, Padang
Remarks:in the same location as Yo Siko Laundry.

Putra Net

Location:Jl. HOS. Cokroaminoto No. 63A, Padang
Telephone:+62 751 810437
Operating hours:daily, 10am-1am
Price:Rp. 6,000/hour.

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