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Most tour and travel companies in Padang do tour arrangement to Bukittinggi and around. Here are some tour & travel companies:

Assyifa Mandiri Wisata Tour & Travel

Location:Jl. Veteran No. 74 D, Padang
Telephone:+62 751 812264
Fax:+62 751 812265
Operating hours:daily, 8am-6pm
Remarks:cash payment only.

Nabawi Tour

Telephone:+62 751 22000, 26333
Operating hours:daily, 9am-5pm
Remarks:it serves airplane tickets, car and motorcycle rentals.

Ikarsa Tour

Telephone:+62 751 40336
Operating hours:Sunday- Friday, 8am–8pm, Saturday, 8am-5pm
Remarks:Ikarsa Tour sells airplane tickets, tour packages and outbound tours.

Andalas Tour

Location:Jl. Juanda No. 12, Padang

Anugrah Tour

Location:Jl. Veteran No. 98, Padang
Telephone:+62 751 28135, 24152, 25525
Fax:+62 751 841031
Remarks:it provides hotel bookings, international and domestic airplane tickets, bus or car rental.

Speed Tour & Travel

Location:Jl. Damar No. 67 D
Telephone:+62 751 7830970, 7861185, 841868
Fax:+62 751 26132
Remarks:sells airplane tickets.

Sumatra and Beyond Tour

Location:Jl. Juanda, No.79, Padang
Telephone:+62 751 7051333
Fax:+62 751 7054613
Operating hours:daily, 8am–5pm
Remarks:sells airplane tickets, hotel bookings, tour packages. Credit card payment available.

ERO Tour

Location:Jl. Juanda No.69, Padang
Telephone:+62 751 442655
Fax:+62 751 442656


Location:Jl. Pemuda No. 29B, Padang
Telephone:+62 751 35252
Fax:+62 751 23410

Minang Permai Sejati Tour

Location:Jl. Hiligoo No. 3, Padang
Telephone:+62 751 33505
Fax:+62 751 32794

Bravo Tour

Location:Jl. Gereja (Inna Muara Hotel) No. 34, Padang
Telephone:+62 751 20010
Fax:+62 751 20066

Pantara Tour

Location:Jl. M.Yamin, No.105, Padang
Telephone:+62 751 36228
Fax:+62 751 28282,,
Operating hours:Monday–Saturday, 8am-5pm
Remarks:provides outbound tours, airplane tickets, hotel reservation and other tour packages.

PT. Surf Travel Co

Location:Jl. Dobi, Padang
Telephone:+62 751 7969500
Fax:+62 751 841388 or

PT. Nusa Inawisata Indah Tour and Travel

Location:Jl. Diponegoro No. 13 Padang 25117
Telephone:+62 751 34261
Fax:+62 751 34265
Remarks:the company sells airlines tickets, Pelni ticket (inter-state ships), hotel vouchers, travel documents, outbound & inbound tours, marine tourism, surf charter, cruise trips.

Ermi Tours & Travel (PT. Ermi Armaya Tours & Travel)

Location:Jl. Pemuda No. 29 B Padang 25117
Telephone:+62 751 35252, 37440 (ticketing department), 30911, 37700 (tour package department)
Fax:+62 751 23410,,
Operating hours:daily, 8:30am to 8pm
Remarks:the company also sells airplane tickets and tour packages. Credit card payment accepted.

Indosinga Tour & Travel (PT. Bougainville Indosinga)

Location:Jl. Bagindo Aziz Chan No. 2 (within Bougenville Hotel), Padang

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norhayati 16 Oct 2015


pakej percutian padang - bukit tingg
selamat siang, boleh saya dapat kan harga pakej untuk 5h4m di padang - bukit tinggi untuk bulan april 2016 10pax hingga 16 pax

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