Dr. Reksodiwiryo Hospital

Location:Jl. Dr. Wahidin 1, Padang
Telephone:+62 751 31003

Siti Rahmah Islamic Hospital Padang

Location:Jl. Raya By Pass KM. 15, Aie Pacah, Padang
Telephone:+62 751 463059

BMC (Bunda Medical Center) Hospital

Location:Jl.Proklamasi, No.31- 33- 37, Padang
Telephone:+62 751 23164
Fax:+62 751 23200

TNI Hospital

Location:Jl.Proklamasi, Padang (close to the Mayor’s Office)

TNI AD Hospital

Location:Jl. Jend Sudirman No.77

M. Djamil Hospital

Location:Jl. Perintis Kemerdekaan, Padang
Telephone:+62 751 24632, 751 894013, 751 32372/3

Selasih Hospital

Location:Jl. Khatib Sulaiman No. 72, Padang
Telephone:+62 751 51405
Fax:+62 751 56111

Yos Sudarso Hospital

Location:Jl. Situjuh No. 1, Padang
Telephone:+62 751 33230, 28804


Apotek Murni Elok

Location:Jl. Veteran No. 668, Padang
Telephone:+62 751 26445
Operating hours:daily, 2pm-9pm
Remarks:cash payment only.

Apotek Amalda Sari Medica

Location:Jl. Ir. Juanda No. 3B, Padang
Telephone:+62 751 444775, 444776
Operating hours:daily, 8am-5pm
Remarks:cash payment only.

Apotek Fortuna

Location:Jl. S. Parman No. 151, Padang
Telephone:+62 751 7055740
Operating hours:daily, 8am-10pm
Remarks:cash payment only.

Apotek Cempaka Indah

Location:Jl. S. Parman No. 169, Ulak Karang, Padang
Telephone:+62 751 7059667
Operating hours:daily, 8am-10pm
Remarks:cash payment only.

Apotek Ibunda

Location:Jl. Veteran No. 4A, Padang
Telephone:+62 751 25562
Operating hours:daily, 9am–9pm
Remarks:cash payment only.

Apotek Siteba Indah

Location:Jl. Raya Siteba No. 16, Padang
Telephone:+62 751 7151048
Operating hours:daily, 9am–9pm
How to get there:take the light blue angkot from “Pasar Raya” Terminal and get off in front of this chemist. Fare: Rp. 2,000
Remarks:cash payment only.

Apotek Farma Indah

Location:Jl. Jhoni Anwar No. 123, Padang
Telephone:+62 751 54785
Operating hours:daily, 9am–9pm
Remarks:cash payment only.

Apotek Kimia Farma

Location:Jl. S. Parman (next to Apotek Cempaka Indah)
Operating hours:daily, 9am–9pm
Remarks:cash payment only.

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