Banks / Money Changers in Balikpapan

There are numbers of foreign and national national banks in Balikpapan and mostly located in the business areas, such as Jalan Sudirman or Jalan Ahmad Yani. Their operating hours are between 8:30am to 3pm or 3:30pm, Monday to Friday. It might be a little hard to find banks in Balikpapan accepting travellers’ cheques.

Privately run money changers are mostly located in city areas and only a few of them accept travellers’ cheques. Usually, they do not charge commission. ATMs are conveniently available in many parts of the city and most of them do accept international cards, though you need to check with your bank for international withdrawal fees.

Some foreign bank’s ATMs provide dual-currency options, Indonesia Rupiah and US dollars.


Bank ANZ

Location:Jl Jend. Sudirman No. 347
Telephone:+62542 441 944
Fax:+62542 441 940

Bank Central Asia

Location:Jl. Sudirman 139
Telephone:+62 542 735252

Bank Commonwealth

Location:Jl. Jend. Sudirman No. 343 A-B
Telephone:+62 542 746250

Bank Danamon

Location:Jl. Sudirman 54 Lt. 6-8
Telephone:+62 542 733134, 730016

Bank Mandiri

Location:Jl. Ahmad Yani 15
Telephone:+62 542 422882

Bank Tabungan Negara

Location:Jl. Jend. Sudirman, Pasar Baru No.12 Blok. A (SC)
Telephone:+62 542 420 333, 413259

Bank Rakyat Indonesia

Location:Jl. Sudirman 37
Telephone:+62 542 736765

Money Changers

Haji La Tunrung Star Group

Location:Jl. Ahmad Yani 51
Telephone:+62 542 731945
Fax:+62 542 423183
Operating hours:daily, 8am-7pm

Maraza Vallas

Location:Jl. Gunung Sari Ilir No. 5 (next to Panin Bank)
Telephone:+62 542 413492

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