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There are also plenty of shops offering laundry services, which charge around US$ 3 per kilogram. Usually, they don't write down numbers of clothes being laundered on your receipt but the weight. So, if you are worried about losing your clothes or for whatever reason, a simple rule: don't laundry your best ones.

Normally it takes about one day, while during rainy days they may need two days before your clothes are ready. Once you collect your clothes, they will be nicely folded and wrapped in a clear plastic bag.

Locations are considerably
well spread in Siem Reap, normally around small guesthouses and along Sivutha Boulevard. Opening hours are around 10am till midnight.

Laundry Like Home

Location:#0541 Wat Bo Street
Telephone:+855 12 300 851
Remarks: it opened for the first time in July 2011 by 3 Belgians.

New Laundry Express

Location:Ta Poul village, Svay Dangkum commune
Telephone:+855 17 889030
Opening hours:daily, 7am-8pm
Remarks: the shop opened in 2011 and it charges by weight at US$ 1/kilogram. Free pick up and delivery and it says the laundry can be done in just 3 hours.

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JoTravelGuide 23 July 2012


Thanks for your information Chhonsopheak. Hope to hear from you again in the near future. Best regards from


chhonsopheak 22 July 2012


The best laundry in Siem Reap is New Laundry Express. It provides you with good service and low price.


JoTravelGuide 3 July 2012


Thanks for your information Carlo. We look forward to hearing more from you. Best regards from


carlo toye 3 July 2012


There is a very good laundry shop (laundry like home) run by western guys,i use theme when i was one holiday and i was very pleased about the service. The use western machines and dryers, and they pick up and bring back to your hotel. The also have a website

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